After Parliament

Hawke ceased to be Prime Minister in December 1991 and resigned from Parliament in February 1992.

He continued to maintain a high public profile through his business, media, charitable and scholarly pursuits. Hawke championed many public causes and maintained popularity among the Australian public.

I hope they still think of me as the Bob Hawke they got to know,
the larrikin trade union leader, who perhaps had sufficient common
sense and sufficient intelligence to tone down his larrikinism and
behave in a way that a Prime Minister should.

Bob Hawke at the press conference after his leadership defeat in 1991


Prime Minister, Bob Hawke speaking at the Australian Children’s International Film Festival, 26 February 1990 (NAA: A6180, 26/2/90/89)

Image courtesy of the National Archives of Australia, digitised from the unprocessed photograph in the Bob Hawke Collection

After Parliament