Prime Minister of Australia


Official portrait of Prime Minister, Bob Hawke
NAA: A6180, 31/3/83/3)

Bob Hawke was Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister and the longest serving Labor Prime Minister, with a record four terms in office.

A month after becoming party leader, Bob Hawke led Labor to a landslide victory in March 1983. He would go on to lead Labor to another three consecutive election wins.

Popular with the Australian public, Hawke gained a Nielson approval rating of 75% during his first term in office - the highest of any Australian Prime Minister to date.

With an inclusive approach to governing, Bob Hawke was adept at interacting with everyday Australians or business executives, school children or world leaders.


Bob Hawke at the National tally room on election night, 7 March 1983 (NAA: A6180, 7/3/83/1)

Images courtesy of the National Archives of Australia, digitised from the unprocessed photographs in the Bob Hawke Collection.

Prime Minister of Australia